Framework 4.0 Offers New Changes For Asp.Net Development

In this content, you can find the information on development key features and improvement in the framework 4.0. It introduces improvements in security model. Moreover, it includes new namespaces, new types and members added to existing types, etc. Improvements in some features like application compatibility and deployment, parallel computing, Windows workflow and communication foundation, networking, etc. described in detail here. Development Compatibility & Deployment

This framework is highly compatible with applications that are built with earlier versions. Then also there are some exceptional points that made to improve reliability, performance, correctness, security and standards compliance. Other than this, new version doesn’t automatically run apps which are built with earlier version. So to run older applications with this new version. For that, you have to compile old application with new target development framework version. You can specify it in properties for your project in Visual Studio or supported runtime with the element in app’s configuration file.

Parallel Computing

.Net developers introduced a new programming model in this version to write multithreaded and asynchronous code. It helps developers to simplify the work of library and app. Developers can write efficient and scalable parallel code without direct involvement of threads or thread pool. New namespace System.Threading.Tasks and other related types support this new model. PLINQ is a Parallel implementation of LINQ to objects, which enables same functionality through declarative syntax.

Windows Workflow & Communication Foundation

Windows WF provides following improvements :

This version offers variety of controls, graphics and other apps. So now development is able to ease up the programmer’s work. It improves workflow activity model, composite activity options like new flow control activities, explicit activity data model, etc. New options for storing or moving includes directional arguments. Easier to create and execute the workflows. The offshore .net development company like us is doing extraordinary progress by delivering best products as per requirement.

WCF provides following improvements :

  • It allows you to create and search discoverable services as it is now supportable for WS discovery.
  • The integration of System.Web.Routing gives more control to programmers over service’s URL by allowing the use of extensionless URL’s.
  • Predefined endpoints allow to specify only certain properties.
  • It removes the need of having the .svc file in configuration based activation.
  • Routing service allows to route messages based on content.
  • Integrates WF and WCF by providing activities to send and receive messages.
  • Multiple IIS site binding support and simplifies configuration.
  • Other features like HTTP catching, format supports, services help page, error handling and cross domain JavaScript support.


  • Several security improvements for authentication in various classes, include System.Net.HttpListener, System.Net.Security.NegotiateStream, System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient, System.Net.HttpWebRequest, and System.Net.Security.SslStream.
  • To get information on HeepWebRequest objects, there are some new networking performance counters.
  • SSL support for the System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient and related classes.
  • In fact, there are awesome changes in core Through this, programmers get more control on dynamic data. Our offshore .net developers are going to deliver surprise program features to the audience.

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