Magento Ecommerce Website Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies

Magento ecommerce website platform is open source and highly recommended from various brands because of features. To run an online store, Magento provides various tools. This fully integrated platform has flexible product display options, handle multi-stores, advance user accounts, multiple transaction options and many more customization features are available.

Magento Ecommerce Website CRO :

To run an online store on Magento ecommerce platform is the basic step. To bring targeted visitors or buyers on your website, you need to do search engine optimization. As per the updates of giant search engine “Google”, SEO is the key to conversions. Analysis of previous sales with respect of user’s visit, will help to understand the conversion rate.

What are the strategies?

To improve page loading time, it varnish caching and support for product videos. To increase conversion rate, Magento 2 includes following features.

  1. Elastic search : This technology powers your site search and customers can quickly find what they are looking. This is for enterprise edition only. You can set attributes like values, search synonyms and stop words.
  2. Checkout : PayPal integrates with Magento in context to shortens checkout time and saved credit card details.
  3. Visual merchandizer : Drag and drop products. It easily creates product pages that convert optimally.
  4. Customer segmentation : Divide up your customers and show the right content. For example, if your sell same products to individual person and wholesalers, then you should segment them.

CRO toolbox :

There is no doubt Google Analytics is the most important CRO tool. Using this tool you can check conversion rate, exit rate, average session duration and average page depth. There are other conversation rate optimization tools available in market, which are not very expensive.

  1. Inspeclet : This tool allows you to watch where your buyer stuck or having problem that is on search, checkout, navigation, etc. Basic features are free to use.
  2. MageMail : It helps shoppers to recover renounced carts with just one click. You have to  only pay for conversions.
  3. Google PageSpeed Insights : Using this you can check some basic UX rules and quickly test your Magento website’s speed on all devices. It’s completely free.
  4. Content Experiment : You can do A/B testing for free using Google content experiments. It take time and technical knowledge. Consult Magento developers to know more on it.
Avoid these factors :
  • Mention clear shipping terms, if it isn’t free. As a market expert, we recommend to go with the test of free shipping. You may surprise to see the conversion rate and average order value.
  • Highlight your contact number. Customers have no need to find how to contact you. Be ready for live chat, email and mention new queries on FAQ.
  • Purchase terms and conditions should mention clearly. Moreover return policy should be clear also.
  • Show expected delivery date with the details of product.
  • Very important factor is checkout process. This process should be quick with various payment options.

Customer reviews on products improves your conversion rate. So don’t forget to include it. Let’s us know, if you have any query on Magento Ecommerce website development and customization. We are ready to help you. Other than this, let’s us know your reviews on this article.

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