Travel Portal

Travel Portal is an online booking engine with B2C and B2B features. Normal users as well as travel agents and distributors can be registered and book any of the following:
1) Flights
2) Hotels
3) Holiday Packages
4) Car Rentals
5) Cruises
All different users have a dahsboard and administration panel, through which the users can manage their account and in case of Travel Agents and Distributors, they can manage their donwline of agents as well. This system can be whitelabelled as well and used for organizations internal travel needs. One of the most fascinating feature of the travel portal is the integration of GDS like Galileo, SABRE, Amadeus, TravelPort API and individual API integration for Low Cost Carriers (LCC’s). Also API’s such as Hotel Beds, XML Beds and other hotel and Cruise API’s have also been integrated into the system. Our model is such that any API that a client wishes to integrate can be added to the portal.

  • Project Technology
  • Core PHP, Jquery, JSON, Rest API, Java Script
  • Project Duration
  • 425 Days
  • Client Website
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