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Responsive web design is not a luxury now, it’s become necessity of any type business. Over 55% to 62% traffic coming from the mobile devices. So a website must be device friendly, which can be viewed from a smartphone, tablet or a desktop computer. Let’s take a brief look on what is responsive website, how it works and how it differs from regular web design?

Responsive Web Design :

With a solid understanding of HTML & CSS, any designer can make this type websites. In simple words “it is a method to adjust website with any screen size it is being viewed on”.

This method organizes your content, images, videos, menu, links, etc. according to device and it enhances user experience for potential customers. It is extremely important for designers to save development time.

If you research the market, majority of business websites are not device friendly. If organization want to go long way and expand their business, they have to use this method. It’s just not affect the speed of development, but the speed at which the pages are rendered.

How it differs ?

How responsive web design method is different from regular website design? If you open regular site on any smaller screen, user will have to zoom the view to read text or click on links. Users are feeling bored to do these things and they will quickly leave the site. As per the recent survey by our experts from various users, they list out these points :

  • 45% users feel annoyed and leave the website which is not mobile friendly
  • 32% said they sensed like wasting time on visit
  • 56% users said they less likely to engage with company which are not using latest method
  • 50% of users said company didn’t care about their business

Hire web designers, who take time to design the right code base structure & how each element will work together to get better experience all around.

Few small changes can improve the website’s performance in 80%-20% ratio where 20% of the optimizations will speed up the rest 80%.

How it works ?

Ethan Marcotte wrote the manifesto of RWD that is Responsive Web Design. According to that developers re-size certain elements like images and navigation items to adjust the webpage’s width and height according to device. 82% web users said the mobile website must be as good as desktop website.

It is not just limited to get good user experience, but it is a crucial aspect of good SEO strategy for being found online. It’s likely said mobile web design receives higher proportion of traffic from search engines.

If you are planning to make your website responsive or mobile friendly, you must place it on top priority to increase sales and user experience.

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