Tips For Testing Custom Application Feasibility

Any mobile app or web app requires evaluation of its scope and technical requirements. For this, quality analyst needs to check legal and cultural issues, timescale, implementation of roadmaps, customer readiness, etc. We have worked on various types of custom application development, deploy and maintenance. From those, our experts gain experience and now they have come up with a test for “feasible solution”. You can’t realize the bugs or errors, until you don’t test it’s each and every functionality. Mobile app testing is equally important as development process. As per one research, if company doesn’t offer testing services, then it will close down the window of your business.

In this ongoing era, mobile app is the advantage to connect more and more customers for business. So to get best user experience testing of customized application is equally important. In the process of custom application development, developers implement their own logic. So testers will have to deal with various challenges. These challenges or issues have their own level of stringency. Based on it, our quality assurance team prioritize the cases as below :

Load issues :

Here testers will look into the app’s loading or page loading speed. How the customized application able to load splash screen or handle heavy data. Moreover, they must look into the features which makes the app slow while accessing and navigating.

Compatibility issues :

In these types of issues quality assurance team must consider the type of device, operating system, OS version, browser, screen resolution, CPU optimization, etc. If experts are able to solve all these errors or bugs, then your customized application don’t have any more large issues as these are the major issues.

Performance issues :

To check the overall and separate performance of each module comes in this issue. In this, you can check response time of the app on various devices.

Security issues :

The tester has must dive into these severe issues like privacy of customer data, payments, reliability, verification of users, availability and privileges.

There are some other factors to consider while testing. Tester should use the environment which is differ from the normal application testing device. So you have various environment to test the functionality of any app. As a app tester, you must find out answers of these questions :

  • Is this technically possible?
  • What is the optimum way to achiever it?
  • Is there any other way to check it?

As a quality analyst or tester, you must know the project plan, features, specifications, business goals and requirements, etc. So tester will have enough source to check all feasible test plans.

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